lundi 6 août 2012


FPV Falcon F6
With an awesome 310kW of power, Ford Performance Vehicles’ (FPV) new turbo-charged F6 sedan is one of the best performing six-cylinder vehicles on the Australian market.
“The F6 is a phenomenal car with performance equal to or better than many European sports cars, but at a fraction of the price,” Ford Performance Vehicles General Manager Rod Barrett said.
“This is the ultimate driver’s car with a fantastic combination of performance and dynamics making it an amazing car to drive.”
Powered by the high performance 4.0 litre turbo-charged DOHC 24 valve in-line six, the F6 produces maximum power of 310kW at 5500 rpm and maximum torque of 565Nm across the range from 1950 to 5200 rpm.
FPV Falcon F6 - Front Angle1, 2008
MORE 2008 FPV Falcon F6 PICTURES GALLERY, Click for View Zoom
FPV Falcon F6 - Front Angle2, 2008
FPV Falcon F6 - Front Angle3, 2008
FPV Falcon F6 - Front Angle, 2008
FPV Falcon F6 - Interior1, 2008
FPV Falcon F6 - Interior, 2008
FPV Falcon F6 - Wheels  Rims, 2008

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