mercredi 15 août 2012

Yamaha 2012

Scooters Yamaha 2012

scooters yamaha 2012 Scooters Yamaha 2012

Yamaha has decided to renew its fleet of scooters in the face of 2012. The Japanese firm provides several new features worth you get to know.
Perhaps the most interesting of all is the urban scooter Xenta 125. It is ideal for the city, the flatbed for the feet, 16-inch tires, and braking vibration unified system.
Rides a 125cc engine refrigeracin monocilndrico lquida SOHC. Also there is another 150cc version, but unfortunately not reach our country. The tires have been diseados to absorb imperfections in the asphalt, so go with this scooter for a cobblestone street should not be a problem.
As far as equipment is concerned, I must say that has the foot platform for large ms segment. Also features an LCD screen on the dashboard, coat hook rack in the front, rear luggage rack, fog lights front and dual rear LEDs. Began shipping in 2012 and available in three colors: white, black and blue.
The T-Max already know to be a leader of sports maxiscooters segment since it went on sale in the year 2000. Yamaha knows he has to take care of their customers by offering improvements that may llegarn the year that comes with a new generation. BMW will soon present a maxi-scooter is very sporty and therefore will not remove than the Japanese firm put the batteries to renew its design, equipment and style. It is rumored that the upcoming salon Milne presents the new T-Max. Perhaps the November 7 we will hear about it.
In addition to these two scooters that capture the leading role, also is necessary to mention others such as the BWs 125, Majesty 400, the X-City 125, 125X or Vity Cygnus. The X-Max be the nica than no changes to or facing the 50cc scooters viene.Los seguirn being Aerox R, Neos and Neos 4.

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