vendredi 27 juillet 2012


As one of cool 50cc scooter from Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha Aerox now comes with MotoGP style edition, it's based from World GP 50th Anniversary. Powered by 50cc liquid-cooled 2 strokes engine, Yamaha Aerox has comes with "wild 50cc 2-stroke engine", it's has produces a high performance and good power delivery. The Aerox 50 "special edition label" has completed the Aerox value. So here is the Aerox 50cc scooter style, looks so cool huh..

Aerox WGP 50th Anniversary prices : £ 2,499.00
New colors, complete features, 2-stroke 50cc liquid cooled

Yamaha Aerox special MotoGP edition

New style, new looks !!
As you can see, Yamaha Aerox has better looks appears than the standard Aerox edition, the orange/red - white colors combination has make this 50cc scooter on fire, thinking that you can ride it like Lorenzo on MotoGP circuit, you can feel ride with sport experience.

New Fetaures
As special edition, Yamaha Aerox SE has comes with solid body work with the new MotoGP decals/graphics, it's also powered by high-performance single 50cc 2-stroke motorcycles engine, light-weight chassis and full V-Belt Automatic transmission. On the front area, this bike equipped with telescopic forks suspension, light-weight alloy wheels (5-spoke alloy wheels) with 130/60-13 of tire size and 190 mm of disc brakes. Turn into rear area, Aerox uses 5-spoke alloy wheel, 190 mm of disc brakes, 140/60-13 of tire size, and Unit Swing rear suspension. The 50cc 2 stroke Aerox engine has produces 2.0 kW @6,500 rpm of maximum power, and 3.7 Nm @4,500 rpm of maximum torque, not bad for 50cc scooter.

Yamaha Aerox WGP style edition is one of light bike for all, it's just only 97 kg and just only 828 mm of seat high, feel easy to ride.

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  1. Yamaha is always rock, this time you have also done a really nice scooter with such a nice style with combination of white and black color, You didn't share specification of this aerox 50cc yamaha scooter but i think it don't have much capacity for fuel, cause it's fuel tank doesn't looks bigger.