samedi 28 juillet 2012

Yamaha Aerox

Brilliant new Yamaha Aerox body kits now in stock

The latest addition to our product range for Yamaha Aerox and MBK Nitro models is this rather excellent 10 piece body panel kit which has a more angular appearance compared to the TNT kits. They’re a brilliant way of transforming the overall appearance of your scooter without breaking the bank. This particular kit is ideal for both liquid and air cooled 100cc models due to the full apron cover which doesn’t leave any gaps under the handlebars.
Colours, product codes and links as follows:
Product Code: AD692697
Metallic Black
Product Code: AD692698
Metallic Sky Blue
Product Code: AD692699
Product Code: AD692700
Metallic Orange
Product Code: AD692701
Metallic Green (with Metallic Black speedo panel)
Product Code: AD692702
Each kit costs £205 (inc. VAT). RRP: £235

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