samedi 28 juillet 2012


Polini Hi-Speed Variator Kit for Minarelli horizontal engines

The new Hi-Speed Variator Kit from Polini looks like what you would expect for a variator but there’s a difference – the Evo Slider!
Each incarnation of variator kit whether it be from Polini or Malossi etc. follows the same trends and are made from die-cast alloy of a high silicon content. This one however has a twist, not only is it priced extremely well but with the new Evo Slider it’s set to leave the competition standing.
The Evo Slider, how does it work?
This clever and simple addition is made from a self-lubricating material similar if not the same as the slides seen within your variator and it sits neatly beneath the compression spring guide. With the slider in place the compression spring can rotate in a constant way eliminating stress and torsion of the spring which in turn allows for faster and more efficient transmission shifts with improvements on acceleration and on / off throttle use further up the rev range.
Product Code: AD/241.670

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